SIDEKICK: Online execution of your website and online marketing needs

The number of skills and people required to properly market online can be daunting and is an expense for most small businesses and restaurants. We are an energetic team of talented marketing professionals to assist you in your internet marketing initiatives within a reasonable budget.

Restaurant website design and internet marketing

With a background in restaurant technology, we know how quickly day-to-day activities move in the restaurant world and are here to relieve your online marketing stress. We have experience with a broad range of restaurant and bar establishments from local and family-owned operations to country-wide restaurant franchises. Each website and online marketing strategy is created specifically with you and your objectives in mind. Our highly skilled and experienced internet marketing team assists you with website design, content development, email marketing, social media and more to help you grow online. 

Serving the best restaurants in the Southeast and on the West Coast

SIDEKICK is an internet marketing firm located in Birmingham, AL and Los Angeles, CA. We build, manage, maintain, and host your website. Our experts handle your site’s security and updates automatically to ensure every visitor has an enjoyable, error-free experience. From e-commerce to catering and online ordering, SIDEKICK can create the one-stop online shop that your restaurant needs. SIDEKICK removes all the headaches associated with having a website so you can focus more on your business goals. 

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