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In the last several years, several avenues of digital and internet marketing has opened up doors for your restaurant to engage and develop relationships with your customers such as email blasts, social media marketing and of course, your website. SIDEKICK would like to help create another opportunity to grow your customer base.

Think of your personal email and social media accounts. Even if you receive a promotional offer or notification that seems interesting, you will probably not even open the message because of the amount of other inbound noise being sent to you.

However, there is one medium which you probably always open…your text messages. In fact, most people would say that they open these messages when they receive them on their mobile device. So why not use that fact to provide your customers some incredible deals?

With our text message marketing service, SIDEKICK can help develop your own personal short code, help you establish a list of weekly specials/promotions/coupons, set the good through/expiration dates and help you entice new customers while continuing to reward loyal patrons.

Examples of offers can include the following (Alcohol offers not allowed):

  • Buy One Get One Adult Entree
  • Free Kids Meal with Purchase of Adult Meal
  • Free Dessert with $20+ Purchase

After the initial setup fee of $300, we will provide you three months of service to help you build up your list through social media and email blasts.

As you reach the end of the three-month period, we will evaluate your current text messaging customer base to determine which of the following packages work best for you (1 credit equals one phone number or subscriber):

  • Bronze plan, 1000 credits: $50 a month for 4-5 messages (optional $5 scheduling fee)
  • Silver plan, 1600 credits: $79 a month for 4-5 messages (optional $5 scheduling fee)
  • Gold plan, 2500 credits: $99 a month for 4-5 messages (optional $5 scheduling fee)
  • Platinum plan, 3000 credits: $149 a month for 4-5 messages (optional $5 scheduling fee)
If you would like to get more information about the SIDEKICK text message marketing service for restaurants, please contact Wendy Bozzelli thru this form.

Text Messaging

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