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10 Real Benefits of Restaurant Online Ordering

By May 6, 2020Uncategorized
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With the emergency closure of on-premise dining in restaurants across the country, many have turned to online ordering systems to spur their curbside services.  Regardless if your establishment was already performing curbside services like delivery or pickup, many have had to rely on it to keep their doors open.  An in-house online ordering system can help your restaurant serve customers now as well as in the future.   

SIDEKICK’s online ordering will get your menu online, allow seamless customer ordering, secure payment processing, contactless delivery, and more with zero commission fees.  Our online ordering system is setup 100% remotely, no hardware or in-store installation required. 

Rather than using a third party ordering service, an in-house system with an established point of sale, like Nimblewill give you the advantage.  Keep all the profits from curbside and delivery sales, customize your customer experience, and maintain your brand continuity. 

The real benefits of an online ordering system include: 

More Accurate Orders 

Online ordering adds more accurate orders which results in happier customers.  There is no miscommunication or understanding that tend to occur with over the phone orders.  The customer has complete control over placing their own order, improving overall efficiency. 

Provide Customer Convenience 

Online ordering allows customers to order anytime.  They can place their order in advance for the time desired to be picked up or delivered.  For example, if a customer knows they are going to have a busy day and want to place an online order to be picked up for dinner time they can go ahead and complete their order in the morning.  By ordering online, they remove the inconvenience of having to call the restaurant when they are busy and have the peace of mind knowing they already have their food ordered.   

Build a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System 

An online ordering system provides a sales dashboard with details about new or cancelled orders and sale details.  Customers have the ability to create accounts for faster online ordering checkout the next time they order and saved order history of their favorite take out menu items.  Order notifications via email are sent to the restaurant staff for faster execution and order accuracy. 

Offer More Upsells 

Online ordering typically results in an increased average order amount.  This occurs thanks to upselling within your online ordering site.  Offer more options to your customer throughout the ordering process.  Suggest different proteins and additions or remind them of desserts and beverages prior to checkout.  These are different types of upsells that will increase your overall revenue. 

Increase Your Restaurant’s Online Presence 

A strong online presence is important to any business, with the addition of an online ordering website, you will increase and strengthen that presence.  For existing customers, this provides easier access to a quicker ordering system.  Post your link on social media and a fan already following you is just a click away from placing an order.  Or reach new customers by being picked up with your listing on Google My Business.   

Reach More Customers at Once 

Your restaurant can only serve so many physical customers at once before reaching capacity, but with online ordering you can serve far more people in a shorter amount of time.  With a wellintegrated online ordering system and a trained and prepared staff, the amount of orders you can take can greatly increase. 

Mobile Ordering is King 

Customers prefer the convenience of completing a pickup order on their mobile phones rather than calling the restaurant.  In 2019, Pizza chains reported an 18% increase in customer spend from online/mobile orders vs. phone orders.  A mobile friendly ordering website is the preferred option in today’s culture. 

Create a New Customer Demographic 

Reach a new demographic of customers with the offering of online ordering.  Potentially increase your overall revenue with a new stream from perhaps a younger demographic that had not previously visited your location but was able to find you online. 

Integrate Directly with Your Point-of-Sale System 

Don’t disrupt in-house operations with third party online ordering systems.  Sidekick’s online ordering integrates directly with Nimble.  You won’t have the hassle of having to operate third party apps alongside your POS. 

Build Your Own Loyalty Program 

As a restaurant owner, you have direct access to your own customers who order online.  Reward your guests that visit and spend most often by offering signup bonuses, birthday rewards, and other special coupons.   

Increase Your Profits 

We know that online ordering is here to stay.  Stay ahead of the competition and make your restaurant available to your customers online.  Operating your online ordering system ensures you keep the profits while serving your customers directly every time. 

In-House Online Ordering System 

The benefits for a restaurant online are endless.  With an integrated online ordering system you can start steadily increasing your restaurant’s overall revenue.  Connect with your current and new customers online, contact SIDEKICK to get started. 

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