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Don’t Make It Personal: Creating A Facebook Business Page

By July 20, 2015November 18th, 2019Blog, SideKick Advice for Heroes

No matter what type of business you own (Mom & Pop or massive corporation), your online presence becomes defined by more than your website. While you do not need to create a company profile for every social network out there, finding one or two that you can update regularly and can engage with your customers/clients/fans is crucial.

If you choose to focus your digital marketing efforts on Facebook, you need to understand a few things, namely that you should create a business page, not a personal page for your company.

Facebook Business Page

Here are three advantages to creating a Facebook business page.

1. You don’t have to worry about “adding” people to your page: With a personal page, users have to add and confirm that they know the people who want to interact more with their profile. Some businesses try to make a personal page for their company, but can forget to accept friend requests that continue to add up in their Facebook notifications queue. If you create a Facebook business or brand page, your customers can “like” or “follow” your business immediately and will be able to see (as well as like, comment on and share) your updates in their news feed.

2. You can schedule your posts and content: Unlike personal pages that focus on in-the-moment style updates, Facebook business pages give you the ability to choose when your content appears on your page whether it’s hours, days or weeks in advance. Though it is crucial to monitor your company’s social networks regularly so you can respond quickly to your fans, scheduling your posts allows you or your marketing team to plan and execute effective content strategies. Facebook Insights allow you to see how well each post does and see various demographics for your page.

3. You can create targeted ads to promote your company’s website, events or specials: Have a big Labor Day sale coming up for your retail store? Planning a music festival at your town’s civic center? Trying to get people to sign up for your email newsletter? Facebook ads allow you to create boosted/sponsored posts with the ability to select specific demographics (gender, age, location and interests) and l The more targeted your ads, the more effective they usually are in accomplishing your objective. You can follow the progress and success of your advertisement through Facebook’s Ad Manager.

These are just a few advantages to creating a Facebook business page for your company. If you have any questions about this process or would help in creating and/or executing your digital strategy, contact SideKick here.

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