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Everyone Needs A Little Appreciation: Customer Appreciation Ideas

With options for dining out, cooking at home, or having food delivered multiplying every day, the modern restaurant must constantly find ways to engage their customers in unique, heartfelt ways. In fact, a recent study showed that 68% of customers won’t return because of “perceived indifference”. 

As we go into the weekend (most likely the busiest time for your restaurant), we wanted to share a few ideas for helping your business and staff appreciate your customers. We hope these help you improve your business!
1. Incorporate a customer loyalty program: Your restaurant has its steady stream of regular and frequent customers who are willing to advocate for your delicious food and service. Be sure to reward them by giving them ample reasons to come back. A customer loyalty program can allow them to receive exclusive discounts and other rewards for their continued patronage as well as celebratory offers on their birthdays and anniversaries. 
2. Host customer appreciation days: Whether you want to provide a free appetizer or dessert, offer a discount on a certain meal or even give away gift cards to the first 50 customers of the day, your restaurant can receive a massive amount of goodwill from customers by acknowledging their support with an entire day devoted to them.

3. Use your social media and email marketing for exclusive offers: With an enormous amount of online noise out there, your restaurant must figure out a way to break through and keep your customers engaged. By offering exclusive promotions through social media and email, you send a message of thanks and customer appreciation to your patrons for not only supporting your restaurant physically but thanking them for paying attention virtually.

SIDEKICK wants to help your restaurant take your marketing and online presence to the next level. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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