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Getting Mobile-Friendly with Google’s New Algorithm

By April 13, 2015November 18th, 2019News
Mobile Friendly | Google

Though web users may still hold on to their personal computers, desktops or laptops, more people are making the jump to smartphones as their key source of internet access, especially when it comes to spur-of-the-moment search queries.


Google is paying attention and announced in February that they’ll be rolling out a new algorithm catered to mobile devices on Tuesday, April 21st.

What does this mean for businesses?

Being a “mobile-friendly” website will allow your business or brand website to potentially receive a higher ranking and optimization in the search results. Prospective and current customers will find high quality content related to your company, and the mobile-friendly site is a user-friendly site with simpler and faster navigation needed for a mobile device.

Also, if your company has an app, Google has introduced App Indexing to generate relevant and prominent app results, which can in turn contribute to an overall mobile-friendly experience.

How SideKick can help

At SideKick, we want help our clients increase their online presence and expand their business and customer base. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help make your website more mobile-friendly and influential.


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