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  • Full customer database
  • Secure payment options through Nimble
  • Customizable menus
  • Order tracking and scheduling
  • Ability to include utensils and other add-ons
  • Delayed ordering option

Many different celebrations occur throughout the year including birthdays, holiday and office parties, reunions, graduations and weddings. With all of the planning that goes into these events, your customers are looking to make the process as easy as possible. Why not create the best experience for them at your restaurant? 

Sure, people can call or stop by the restaurant to place a catering order. With all of their other responsibilities and decisions to make for the party though, that may be nearly impossible. Give them a way to customize their menu, set the delivery date or pickup time and pay for their catering order in mere minutes with SIDEKICK’s internet marketing for catering option.

If your restaurant or business thrives on its catering service, we have designed a robust solution to help you keep track of all past and current orders to make sure each customer receives accurate and quality service throughout the entire process. As a restaurant owner and manager, you have access to a variety of reports to help you analyze the efficiency of your service as well as help you determine ways to improve with your employees. 

Integrate our solution seamlessly into your website to keep all aspects of your catering business at your fingertips. Our integration with Nimble allows for a secure payment system through SmartPAY. Security remains the utmost importance for all of clients and their customers as indicated by our upgrade to a HTTPS and SSL certification. 

Don’t miss out on delivering some incredibly delicious experiences to your customers. Click here to speak with one of our solutions experts about SIDEKICK internet marketing for Catering.

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