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Benefits and Features

  • A consistent execution of service
  • A monthly call for content to make sure we get the right information from you to successfully promote your business
  • Multiple posts per week on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (frequency based on package)
  • Consultation on “in-the-moment” social networks like Instagram
  • Consultation for and execution of social media advertisements
  • Creation of social media graphics for specials and contests
  • Daily page, post, message and review monitoring
  • Social Media Advertising options

Social media marketing for restaurants is no longer a question of if you should be on social media but which platforms your should target.  Whether they are posting, tweeting or snapping, your customers spend at least part of every day on social media. And that’s where your restaurant needs to be. Whether you’re running a special, introducing a new product or showing off the personalities of your staff,  you can use the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) to give your customers a unique view of your business while providing valuable content.

That said, running your social media accounts in addition to the daily responsibilities of your restaurant can be overwhelming. SIDEKICK’s team of social media marketing experts wants to be there to make your brand shine by strategically planning posts, diligently monitoring comments and responding to messages and questions, all with our Worry-Free guarantee. We’ll help you plan your month, quarter or year by suggesting specials and running contests to further engage your fans.

Grow Your Business with Social Media Advertising

The advantage of social media advertising is its fraction of a cost compared to traditional online advertising.  Combined with your other other online initiatives business growth can be tracked from social advertising through website traffic, social engagements (likes, comments, and shares), and conversions or sales.

Social media can grow your business through educating and engaging with your target market; click here to speak with one of our solutions experts about SIDEKICK’s Social Media Marketing for restaurants!


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