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Online Ordering System Features:

  • Commission free.  No third-party platform commission fees. 
  • Customizable design to match your restaurant’s brand. 
  • Pre-ordering. 
  • Curbside pickup options. 
  • Contact less delivery options. 
  • Mobile ordering 
  • Online Customer database. 
  • Email marketing opt-in. 
  • Instant payment. 
  • Analytics and reports. 
  • Order minimums. 
  • Ability to charge delivery. 
  • Delivery area and restrictions based on mileage. 
  • Menu items, categories, and pictures. 
  • Public and private coupon creation for existing or new customers. 
  • Automatic order email notifications (store and customer). 
  • Custom online ordering website link. 
  • Previous customer order history. 

If you have a particular situation or request for online ordering, contact us.  We will research and discuss possible solutions to meet your custom needs.

With SIDEKICK’s online ordering systems, integrated with our point of sale system, Nimble, you can make your restaurant’s website THE destination for pickup or delivery. You’ll experience a greater amount of revenue through new and returning customers while saving on operational costs such as staffing. Our e-commerce software and custom websites for restaurants enable customers to browse your online menu, place a takeout or delivery order and pay online by credit card via a secure payment processor.

More people, especially younger generations, prefer instant access to takeout food over ordering their meal at the table or the front counter. While your restaurant’s website may display menus and mouthwatering food photographs, not having an online ordering option may lose you potential customers.  Give your customers the tools to create their favorite meal that keeps them coming back for repeat purchases. In fact, the saved preferences of an online ordering profile has now become the new “I’ll have my usual.” Best of all, you’re guaranteed to have better order accuracy, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your restaurant and an improved experience for your guests.

Contact us and allow your guests to easily order directly from your restaurant with zero commission costs.


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