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CORTEX Managed Solutions provides a thorough outsourced IT solution suitable for a variety of institutions, restaurants, small businesses and startups. Our Worry-Free Office and Cloud Services will provide all the elements you need to successfully run your company without the hassle, headaches and costs of internal IT maintenance. SIDEKICK works with CORTEX to make sure all aspects of your website and email hosting run seamlessly.

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The parent company of Nimble and CORTEX, Aegis Foundry works as your company’s technology partner to provide strategy and consulting for your business technology, online marketing and operations management needs. Providing service, speed, value and expertise to help with the “heavy lifting” of a company’s day-to-day operations, we empower small and midsize businesses through technology. SIDEKICK reflects the core values of Aegis Foundry by providing your company a consistent and reliable technology partnership.

Nimble, the best point of sale and management solution for independent restaurants, offers Flexibility, Ease, security and Value. From competitive features such as online ordering, catering, delivery and up-to-the-minute mobile reporting to invaluable benefits such as Aftercare, Onsite Service and 24/7 Telephonic Support, Nimblewill help guide your restaurant to success every step of the way, all with a Worry-Free guarantee. SIDEKICK pairs perfectly with Nimbleto deliver you the best restaurant marketing system out there!

SIDEKICK Integrations Benefits and Features
  • Email Hosting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sharepoint
  • POS Integration
  • Online Ordering
  • Catering
SIDEKICK works in conjunction with CORETECH and Nimbleunder the parent company of Aegis Foundry. Whether you are an independent restaurant owner in need of a point of sale or a small to midsize business looking for email hosting, cloud services and website security needs, our integrations can expand the options for your company’s success. Check out each of the subsidiaries to find out more about how they can help you today. 
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