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Security for your website is of utmost importance as your digital presence becomes even more crucial to your company’s overall success. As of October 2017, Google Chrome is beginning to mark websites (especially in mobile searches) that do not have HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) at the beginning of their URL as NOT SECURE. As more web interactions are driven by mobile search, that extra letter for your website address is crucial.

For any new or frequent visitors, this designation may be a reason for them to exit out of your site and avoid making a purchase because they may fear that their personal and/or financial information could be compromised. For companies relying on online ordering and e-commerce this holiday season, 

You can avoid these potential instances of missed revenue by adding encryption through Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL Certificates. For any visiting user, they will receive an extra layer of security for any exchanged data or authentication.

SIDEKICK offers a installation of SSL Certificates on the server level and implementation of the certificates on your website. Our team of experts can help you understand the impact and benefit that these certificates can have on your digital presence. 

Be the hero today by clicking here to speak with one of our solutions experts about installing SSL Certificates on the website(s) for your business. You can also find out about some of our integrations like Nimble, CORETECH and Aegis Foundry


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