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The New Google Feed, Google Discover

By October 11, 2018November 18th, 2019Google,
Google Discover

Google announced another major change to their ever-evolving search algorithm on Monday, September 24th.

Introducing Google Discover as a “major update” to last year’s Google feed, the company hopes to create a scenario in which search and social coexist and interact in ways they never have before. With Discover, users will experience a customized content feed once they reach the Google homepage, even if they have not typed in their search query yet. Though Google has not made it clear whether the custom feed will come from past searches, users will have the option to select topics of interests to help populate that feed.

The engineers have also made it clear that the content users receive may not always be the latest news or updates, but it will be new to them, emphasizing the importance of producing “evergreen content” that will remain relevant at all times. With this idea of curated feeds, Google borrows from social media in this new update, but unlike those platforms, you still will not be able to “like,” retweet or upvote (for you Reddit users) content.

In tandem with the customization aspect, Google Discover also introduces a new aesthetic design that focuses on delivering header and topic cards that allow the user to dive deeper into a specific area of interest. By clicking the Discover icon and Follow buttons, the user will be able to lock into those topics to help “predict your level of expertise on a topic and help you further develop those interests.”

Finally, Discover will provide an opportunity for those who speak multiple languages to find relevant content. Based on their topic customization, a user may be able to find recipes in Spanish, read an article in English and watch a video in French, all on the same feed.

Users will begin to see Google Discover appear on their mobile devices within the next few weeks.

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