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Key Elements of Social Media for Businesses: Consistency

By March 24, 2015November 18th, 2019SideKick Advice for Heroes
Social Media for Businesses

Social media strategy is all the rage for marketing departments, both big and small, and no matter which networks reign supreme in the next 5, 10 or even 20 years, the fact of the matter is that it’s here for the long haul and doesn’t plan on stalling or disappearing.

Time to Face Reality

You may think your company’s electronic resume of a website and a few keywords is good enough to sustain your business in the vast ocean of the internet, but you must take into account where audience spends most of their time: on a personal, social site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, that caters to their habits, likes and dislikes and allows them to curate their own virtual experience.

Large Social Media Rubics Cube

Preparing Your Business for Social Success: Point #1

We’ll discuss the strategy part of social media over the next few weeks, but we must establish the foundation of what keeps people coming to your social media, clicking through to your site, making a purchase and becoming regulars and evangelists of your brand.

The first key element of social media is…drumroll…consistency.

Seems logical, obvious, and anti-climatic, but think of it like a New Year’s resolution. It excites you the first two weeks to a month, then you skip a post here and there until you realize you’ve almost abandoned the goal entirely.

If you’ve never used social media for your business, you probably feel overwhelmed or concerned regarding that first post. But you have to be willing to make that first post and continue to make posts every day or every three days or every week. Find the frequency that works best for you, but never stop. Even if you don’t think you’re submitting the most eloquent, lead-producing statements of all time, you’re starting an important relationship with your current and potential customers and fans. And we know all that successful relationships begin and continue with ongoing dialogue.

What’s Ahead

Along with strategies for making your posts seen and heard on your social media platforms of choice, we will discuss how to keep your posting consistent and relevant.

Stay tuned and contact SideKick here if you have any questions. We’re here to make YOU the hero.

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