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Touchless Menu Options for Contactless Ordering

By May 14, 2020June 8th, 2020Online Ordering
touchless menu

Reopening restaurants post coronavirus may result in a different approach to in-store menus.  To limit the spread of the virus, many restaurants will forgo the traditional printed or bonded menus dispersed throughout the day to various customers.  Restaurants will have to think of alternatives geared more toward contactless ordering.  So what are some alternative touchless menu options?

  • Make sure your existing website easily displays or allows downloadable menus for customers to access before or while in-store.  Consider allowing customers access to your wifi during this time for quicker viewing, etc.
  • Print menus on regular white paper for single customer use.  Once the customer has finished using, their paper menu would be thrown away in the trash.
  • Utilize QR codes to guide people to a downloadable menu from their smartphone.
  • Traditional or digital menu boards. Large menu boards in your restaurant easily display menu items and costs to a crowd at any vantage point.  These are typically found in fast casual restaurant environments, but may viable solution as restaurants restructure their dining rooms to accommodate new post COVID-19 dining guidelines.
  • Send your menu to the tv screen in your restaurant.  This option could be as simple as putting your image based menu on a USB and inserting it on a LCD television.  Your menu pages could then run on a slideshow/repeat function timed to your liking.  If your restaurant is already setup with televisions throughout the dining areas this could serve multiple customers at once.
  • Table side chalkboard menus.  If your menu is smaller in size, presenting a menu on a larger chalkboard and easel stand is a great contactless option.  The server can present and explain in further detail menu items if needed.  You probably have a staff member on hand that is capable of writing out the menu boards for your; just remember keep it simple and readable for all those at the table.

Creating a contactless dine-in ordering experience for the safety of both customers and staff will reassure everyone restaurants are taking the proper actions to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.   If you need resources during this time contact SIDEKICK for website, online ordering, graphic design, QR codes, or other technical assistance.  We are here to help you navigate a safe reopening.

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