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Why Do I Need to Renew My Domain Names?

By August 9, 2019November 18th, 2019Website Design and Hosting
Domain Name Renewal

After the original period of a domain registration has ended, a domain name needs to be renewed.  Typically every one to two years.  A domain is the name of a website, for example  When you purchase a domain you are purchasing the actual name of your website but that does not mean a physical website exists yet.  The domain may also be used for email addresses for your company or employees, etc.  A domain name is purchased from a domain register which is like an online store for website names.

When your domain is up for expiration, you will receive a notice from the domain register (wherever you originally purchased the domain) alerting you to renew your domain name.  These notices are required by law to go out approximately one month and one week prior to the domain’s date of expiration.  If you want to continue to use the domain for your website or email services, you must renew.  If you do not renew your domain another person or business can purchase it out from under you and begin using it for their own website.

How to Renew Your Domain Name

Each domain registrar varies with domain renewal fees, expiration grace periods, and other terms.  It is important for you to know the registrar’s terms of service to understand all the options associated with your domain.  You will also need to make sure that your contact information is up to date to ensure you are receiving all the notifications relating to your domain; most importantly the renewal notices.  If you are unsure of your domain registrar, look it up here

Consider auto renewing your domain renewal with your registrar.  This way the chances of completely missing your domain renewal date are greatly decreased.  It will also be important to keep your payment information up to date when auto renewing.  For example, if you get a new company credit card but don’t update your card’s information in your registrar account then your domain won’t renew even with auto renewal turned on. 

Your notifications about domain renewal will include instructions on how to renew with your specific registrar.  If you are unsure of the steps to take to renew, simply contact your registrar for further instructions.  You can renew a domain for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

What Happens If My Domain Name Expires?

When a domain name expires, the domain will immediately become inactive and will cease to function.  This means your business’s website and email services will go down (if you were using your domain for those specific services).  If you do not renew the domain then it is released to all registrants on a first come, first served basis.  There are individuals that will buy what they consider popular domain names when they are not renewed and resell them at sometimes astonishing prices.

Domain Name Redemption Grace Period

If you do have trouble or forget to renew your domain after to it’s expiration date, there is a redemption grace period.  The redemption grace period occurs 30 days after a domain’s expiration date.  During these 30 days, the domain will still be available for renewal by the current registrant.  If you do renew your domain during the redemption grace period, be aware that there are typically redemption fees that go along with the normal renewal fee.  If you do not renew during the 30 days, the domain will be released for purchase by other registrars.

ICANN Rules and Regulations

ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, oversees domain renewal laws and regulations.  If you have experienced one or more of the following, you may contact them to submit a Domain Renewal complaint form:

  • You did not receive renewal reminders from your registrar (or reseller) approximately one month prior to expiration and approximately one week prior to expiration.
  • You did not receive a notice from your registrar (or reseller) within 5 days after your domain expired.
  • You renewed your domain name and it does not work.
  • You were not able to redeem an expired domain name during its Redemption Grace Period.
  • Your registrar or reseller does not display its renewal and redemption policies and practices.

Managing Your Domain Names and Renewals

If you need further assistance managing your domain names and renewals, contact SIDEKICK. Our services cover all your internet marketing needs, including domain management.  Or if you are interested in purchasing a new domain name visit us at

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